The Squares: The princess in the castle
Genre: Platformer

A princess has been cursed to remain in a haunted castle for a millennium. Cut off from the outside world, only a brave warrior with a heart of gold can break the curse. You are tasked with entering the castle to save the fair maiden from her fate.

Created: 08 June, 2011

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Mazimadu’s Bubbles

Genre: Arcade

Collect as many bubbles as you can while dodging the falling mines. The more you get the bigger you become. How long can you last?

Created: 21 October, 2007

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The Squares: Kyle’s Quest
Genre: Platformer

Here kyle and his friends are having a barbecue on a bright sunny day. Kyle goes to get the soda but when he returns, the friends have vanished. Now kyle has to go on an adventure to find his friends and uncover “the Source”. THIS GAME IS HUGE! Spanning over 50 stages and zones such as a field, cave, volcano, haunted mansion, and finally a Lab.

Created: 18 June, 2007

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The Squares: Kyle’s Dream
Genre: Platformer

This is the very first game I have ever made. It is a simple platform game that involves the player looking for a starshaped switch

Created: May 05, 2006

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