Letter to Yoyo Games: GM Studio hates Tiles And HTML5 hates backgrounds

I am a long time user of game maker and have been using the software for 5 years now. Usually when ever there is a jump from one version to the next I usually wait a while for all the kinks to be removed before I get the next version. But GMS and GMHTML5 are the exception to the rule and I choose to get these now that they are in Beta to learn the program while it gets improved. So far, things have been quite nice and I cant wait to get my hands on the finished version so I can start Android development. Unfortunately, I ran into a few critical presentation problems, each unique to GMS and GMHTML5 respectively.

Now I have been developing a new Squares game (another one) and have created some placeholder assets to test out my engine. Nothing to shabby. Sprites, tiles and a few parallax scrolling backgrounds. I did this from scratch using GMHTML5 and since it is using the GM8 runner, the results were as I expected below.


here, I set the backgrounds to tile horizontally but not vertically.

In HTML5, the result was similar, but the Backgrounds tile vertically instead of horizontally. Below


I imported the project into GM studio and ran it with the C++ runner. Here ther background problem is fixed, but…


WTF is up with those tiles. The pointer to the tiles seems to be messed up. They also have shrunk for some reason . Weird.

While I could easily post to the bug tracker, I felt that it would be better if everyone actively using the program saw the differences that seem to be present in each version of GM. I am confident that the yoyo team will fix this little bug and appreciate the hard work they put into the project. Till then I will be waiting patiently for the issue(s) to be fixed.