New years, january resolutions

Hello all, happy new year! With the month of January upon us, it is time to look forward to what the year will bring. There will be many plans, and many experiences along the way. A friend of mine told me that the best way to live is to take things one day at a time, planning and fulfilling very short term goals. This gives much more satisfaction and limits the number of disappointments. So, with that logic, I plan to follow January by making a list of short term goals I hope to finish by the end of the month.

1.     A working prototype of a Kyle game:
Ok, this is a no brainer. Given the sheer number of projects and demos I have undertaken in the past, making one of these shouldn’t take more than a week. I am thinking of making a very short Kyle game based on the two comics in my previous blogs (links here and here). The story involves trying to “rescue” Princess Lana from a castle before she escapes and blows the place up.



With a concept as easy as that, I should have a working prototype ready by the end of the week.

  1. Work with ruby on rails:
    Rails is a framework that I should have mastered a long time ago. You see, when I first got, it came with ruby on rails preinstalled. Unfortunately, I found it so hard to work with that I chickened out and used php instead (not that php programmers are chickens). Now I intend to get a simple rails app working by the end of the week. Nothing too complicated. Maybe a list or something.
  2. Fix my site in general:
    The site as you see it has been that way for the past 8 months. I added the whole rotating updates bar as a means of showing viewers what’s new on the site. But with no new content in months, what was I thinking? I will replace it with a more practical picture of what I intended to add or just what’s hot.
    Also I intend to improve the games section and add a (simple) comic archive.
  3. Watch maximum overdrive:

This looks like an AWESOME movie! People with guns shooting possessed cars, what’s not to like?! The movie and all its good points was reviewed in CineMassacre’s review on spike tv’s web site. Check it out here (link)