The Squares: The princess in the tower

Hi guys, long time no see. Classes have kept me busy for the past few weeks but things don’t seem to have changed here though. I see you guys are enjoying minecraft. I got the game 3 weeks ago and it gave my cousins a heart attack. I don’t blame them, they are spoiled with games with HD graphics (would you believe they said streets of rage 3 had terrible graphics). Sadly I can’t play my version online, has something to do with not being premium or something. Oh well, tons of fun offline anyway.

With classes, exams and my final year coming up, it seems game making would be put on hold for a while longer than I thought. Its a shame too since I haven’t made a decent game in quite some time. However, I have been enjoying flash drawing and animating, which is weird since I could be using that time to make a simple mini game. Oh well, at least I can pop out a comic or two once in a while.

Now enjoy this perverted little piece